Client Endorsements

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"She is a skilled, strong and creative negotiator. She helped us with a tricky sale process and helped us win the bidding situation for our current home."    - Jen B.


"I have dealt with many realtors in the past, and Christie is, by far, the most professional one I have ever worked with. She took the time to get to know my family, go over our needs and made sure she found a place that worked best. Even though I knew how incredibly busy she was, Christie always found the time to take my call, return an email, and basically, made us feel like we were her only client. I really can’t say enough about the great job she did."     - Mike M.

With so many agents, how did we choose the right one?

"With so many agents out there, how do you pick "the one" to represent you along that journey towards the largest investment you'll ever make? Let me tell you our story. We met Christie through our neighbors when they were selling their condo next door to us and buying a single family home two blocks away. We spoke to them about their experience with Christie & then decided to meet her. From the moment we met, we both laid our cards on the table. Honesty about our vision was imperative to achieving our goals of both selling our condo for what we wanted and finding the right single family home in the same neighborhood. It's funny how good fortune and the right agent converge to make it all happen and that's what happened to us. We had looked at a few homes in the neighborhood and nothing was checking our boxes. One day on a walk with our dogs, we stumbled upon a home for sale that we wanted to view. It was under contract, but Christie knew the seller's agent and she arranged a showing for us. It was our dream home - cute as a bug, but soon to become someone else's. We were crushed. Less than 30 days later, Christie came to us and told us the deal on that home fell through and wanted to know if we were still interested. Off to the races we went. Christie's relationship with the other agent in this small, but coveted neighborhood got us right back on the road towards ownership of this charming home. As for selling our condo, her timing & knowledge of the market couldn't have been better. We were a bundle of nerves with only a few showings. Christie helped us hang in there until that one buyer walked in our door willing to pay our asking price. Both the sale of our condo and the purchase of the new home fell within a reasonable enough time that we didn't have to rent a storage unit, and we were able move with ease from one place to the next. I can't emphasize enough that her knowledge of the neighborhood was key to us getting everything and more that we wanted. Now that's an agent who knows her clients and the neighborhood!"      - Lori B. & Karen R.

She provided staging tips and market research.

"We have used to Christie to buy a condo, sell it and buy a house. Christie takes the time to understand who her clients are. By knowing what makes them tick, she can quickly anticipate their needs. In both searches, she showed us what would become our home on the first day of looking. She provided helpful staging tips and market research that resulted in our condo being sold way faster than we had ever hoped. I negotiate for a living and find it hard to step back and let someone else do it. In all three transactions, I could not be happier with how it worked out. Finally, unlike most real estate agents, she shows up on time. You can't go wrong with Christie."             - Brian S. and Candace S.

We moved from out of state.

"Christie was unlike any other real estate agent I've had the pleasure to work with. I moved from out of state and was still learning the Chicago area while looking to purchase a home. We must have seen 50 different properties before I finally found the right one for me. She was so patient and kind, and so knowledgeable of the area, real estate market and Chicago property taxes. I had a specific goal in mind when we set out to find my home and Christie never waned from the strategy. She's a rare gem and truly has her client's best interest at heart. I can't recommend her enough!"     - Wes A.

In depth knowledge of the neighborhoods.

"I have purchased and sold two homes with Christie over the past 15 years, and have confidently recommended her to at least a dozen friends. Christie is organized and reliable, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has cultivated an in-depth knowledge of Chicago's neighborhoods, and was able to provide information on the restaurant scene, nearby transportation, and school options for all the homes we walked through, as well as detailed financial comps. My most recent home sale involved an unexpected amount of chaos due to an inexperienced and overly-aggressive buyer's agent, and Christie continuously provided calming reassurances. She was consistently professional in her interactions with everyone involved, and provided strong, knowledgeable counsel throughout the process. We ultimately closed at the originally negotiated terms, and I don't think I would have had the patience to wait it out without Christie's guidance."    -  Liz P.

Someone you can trust.

"Christie turned out to be more than my realtor when I moved. Not only was she very well informed about the Edgewater community and the condos in the neighborhood, but she was also completely tuned in to my own personal needs and preferences. She guided me through the process with tremendous care and concern. I always felt that her goal was to make me satisfied with my decisions, informed by her own expertise. I wound up seeing her as a friend and neighbor that I value, as well as my guide in finding the perfect place. I recently referred a family member to Christie, and she felt the same way. Christie is a real treasure and someone you can put your trust in."       - Terry D.

She gets the right price.

"I worked with Christie for both buying and selling my home. She worked very hard at helping narrow down my preferences through an exhaustive search of the housing inventory in my preferred neighborhoods and price point. When I was selling my condo, she went the extra mile in attending the showings and telling the story about my condo. I can’t thank her enough for working on the negotiations for both buying and selling my condo. She did very well in getting the right price both times. What she did for me was worth every penny."     - Justin O.

A strong, skilled and creative negotiator.

"Buying a house can be an extremely stressful and fast-moving process.  Christie has helped us successfully navigate through the process on three occasions. We have been so pleased with the results that we have also recommended her time and time again. Christie has a real talent for educating her clients on the process and also the willingness and ability to listen to her clients’ needs. She works easily with folks who like more control and knowledge throughout the process, but also works fantastically with those who prefer to just leave her to handle things. She is a skilled, strong and creative negotiator. She helped us with a tricky sale process and helped us win the bidding situation for our current home.  We would likely not have won the bid for the house we are in or would have paid a much higher price for it.  Christie also has great relationships with mortgage brokers, attorneys and inspection companies.  So, if you are looking for a great team of folks who work seamlessly together, she is a great resource.  On the flip side, I know she's also flexible and willing to work with whatever relationships or contacts you might have on your own.  Bottom line - our family would not buy or sell a property without using Christie."      - Jen B.